In memoriam

A person that we need to mention is Giacomo Sani.

Giacomo Sani graduated at the University of Padua (1955), and received a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California of Berkeley (1965). He has taught at the Univerity of Florence (1963-1969), at the Ohio State University (1970-1987, Emeritus), and at the University of Pavia (1988-2007, Emeritus). Among his most important books, Spain after Franco (with R. Gunther e G. Shabad, 1985); Il mercato elettorale (with R. Mannheimer, 1987), La conquista degli astenuti (con R. Mannheimer, 2001), Mass media ed elezioni (2001, eds.). He has written articles in many journals and edited books on electoral behaviour, political parties, public opinion and political communication in United States, Spain and Italy.